Ever Always

Be ever always
As you should
And never
What you’re not
Look ahead
And not behind
There are doings
To be wrought
What was now is
And will remain
But what comes
Has yet been sought
The one who seeks
With heart held true
Will discover
What they ought


Morning has broken
And rouses me wake
There are joys to be had
And new paths to take
My soul stirs within me
As the darkness fades
New mercies are given
New wisdom awaits
Take courage my heart
As this new day unfolds
The Lord of all life
Offers blessings untold 

No Small Matter

No small matter
The state of our mind
No inconsequential concern
For the way that we think
As the sun rides its path
Determines our daily return 
The focus within
And the way that we think
Are vital to who we become
For the demeanor we have
Our effort persuades
And determines to what we succumb
So the truth that we hear
Is essential to hold
If this day any peace would afford
Strive always to have
By the grace of our God
The mindset of Jesus our Lord


There will be one
Who needs a bit of kindness
There will be one
Who need a good word
There will be one
Who faces heart-deep struggle
There will be one
Who longs for something more

Lord let me be 
one who offers helping hands
Lord let me be
One who encourages a friend
Lord let me be
One who shares another’s burden
Lord let me be
One who points to greater hope

Now and Soon

I pondered over 
the years I’ve had
the miles I’ve traversed
My jumbled memory
Shuffles through
From the latest to the first
I’ve gained much wisdom
Through out these years
I’m more adept and life-aware
Yet these days my strength
Betrays my mind
The journey harder now to bear

Could there have been
A day midway
Where mind and body met?
Where sharp and wise
Met strong and bold
Where life was at its best?
It matters not
I’ve come to see
For the life I live is now and soon
The present moment
And the next to come
Are the ones to importune

Breath Enough

Lord, give me breath enough to live 
by faith into this day
Take my fears and worries
Hold the enemy at bay
Put courage in my heart
And make me resolute
To follow where you lead me
And your calling not dispute
The unknown days ahead
Often weigh upon my mind
But the future is beyond my grasp
Those concerns will come in time
So give me breath enough to live
With boldness on this day
Set my feet upon the righteous path
That leads me in your way

God Meets Us Today

Across the bands of time
You meet us in this place
Reassuring those who seek you
They will find a life of grace
You never fail to find us
You never cease to try
Your deep desire love unbound
“Come to me” your only cry
So help us, Lord to see you
To know the love you give
May our life this day and always
Be the one you hope we live