Ever Always

Be ever always
As you should
And never
What you’re not
Look ahead
And not behind
There are doings
To be wrought
What was now is
And will remain
But what comes
Has yet been sought
The one who seeks
With heart held true
Will discover
What they ought

Human Racing

I’ve learned to run
This human race
With goodness
And a smile
For when I run
In discontent
I stumble
All the while

I’ve learned to run
This human race
As one
Who seeks the Lord
For when I run
My own race
I pay a price
I can’t afford

I’ve learned to run
This human race
To lose
And not to win
For when I run
Ahead of all
I can’t be part
Of them

Peace Elusive

Grabbing for the stream
Peace eludes my grasp
I feel it for a moment
Before it flows away gone
Frustrated I give up
And hold out my hands
Palms face up in surrender
Begin to fill
Cupping hand to mouth
I drink it down
And I am refreshed
Lifting up my hands
Peace like water flows
Over my head and down my back
In the striving peace slips away
In surrender peace is known