Tainted Wisdom

Tainted wisdom
Keeps me walking
Down a road
Already run
Clouded judgment
Moves me forward
Toward a life
That’s sure undone 
Walk beside me
Gracious Spirit 
Guide me on
In peace and truth
Clear the fog
Fix my thinking
Let my mind
Be full renewed

In Me Begin

You offer help
In times of trouble
Yet I offer little
In return
Your love 
Is never-ending
Yet my heart
So rarely turns
O Lord my God
I beg to differ
To be more
Than what I’ve been
Set my eyes
On you alone
Let a greater life
In me begin
Through me I hope
Will shine your glory
Through me your love
Will be made known
Guide my steps
And fill my spirit
Make my heart
Your very own

In Need of Grace

It’s not the soul that’s in need
For the spirit’s been redeemed
But the flesh wrestles sin
And the mind that is within
Not the soul now to save
That was done as life you gave
But the flesh remains weak
As your holiness we seek

Salvation’s not the question
Sanctification is the fight
Eternity’s a given
Yet we strive to live it right
Lord come near us in this moment
Give us strength to vanquish foes
For our thinking is encumbered
As you only true can know

All of Me

I will seek no more
My hearts desire
But subject my will
To refining fire
Take away
My bent to sin
That life abundant
I might win
All of me
I give to you
All of me
Please Lord renew
Put me to doing
Put me aside
No longer drawn
By foolish pride
The life I live 
Will fully be
When I surrender
All of me

Sabbath Freedom

Bring us to the place of peace
To the throne of grace you call
Let not our fears win out the day
But let your love be all in all
Take away our bent to sin
Remove our hearts of stone
Let us see the world as you see
As filled with children all your own
Forgive our stubborn spirits
That seek to build a great divide
And instill in us a heart of flesh
Where your grace and peace abide
This day we come not knowing
What it truly is we need
But we pray, O God, you’ll come to us
And from ourselves we’ll be set free 

Not a Rock

Clay though I may be
A rock I am not
I am changeable
Capable of growth
Designed to grow
Yet I am more
Than a mere tree
Or a shrub
Swayed by my thoughts
Ruled by the will
Change and growth
Are choices to be made
Submission is the key
My becoming less
Christ’s becoming more
Giving over control
I am made more
Than I could ask for
Or imagine
I am changeable
A rock I am not
Clay though I may be

Defeating Demons

Gathered up and girded
Standing upright
Waiting for orders
Anxious to press on
Toward an enemy unknown
Unknown to them
Soon though they will know
All too well
They will fight
Hiding the pain
Until it will not be hidden
And then they will see
The enemy is them
The old self
The fearful self
The reticent self
To take new land
To possess a new future
We must fight
Past the demons
Of who we have become
In order to become
Who we might be
The Word the weapon
Faith the shield
Christ our strength
And our redeemer

Too Often

Too often I seek me 
and not you
Too many times
You are my solution
but not my Savior
I invite you into my life
instead of walking in yours

I crave your counsel
but not your company
I pursue your pleasure
but ignore your pleading
I hope for happiness
while avoiding holiness

I must become less
and You, O God, 
must become more

Beyond My Limits

Happiness I often found
In choices that I made
Moral, good, and harmless
Self contentment was my aim
I could not see beyond my thought
Of what I felt was best for me
My imagination was my limit
I was seeking all that I could be
Meeting Jesus in my spirit
Brought another set of goals
This One who lives eternal
Showed the truth of one made whole
I began to see my limits
And how the mind my heart deceives
By setting short the boundaries
Of what any person could achieve
Jesus showed the glory
Which we all are meant to reach
He sets the standard higher
And calls me now that height to seek
It is more than I imagined
It is more than I can do
But by grace and holy power
My aim is now for greater truth
Each day I must remember
My objectives pale compared to God’s
What I could be is so much more
Than I could conjure in my thoughts

Guilted not Gilded

I fear the guilt
More than the sin
I deny
The stabs of shame
My heart seeks peace
Free from hurt
The struggle
I disdain
But you, O Lord
Allow the punch
Of my choice
To land its blow
For you seek to train
And guide my soul
To respond
To my heartfelt woe
Accept the conviction
That shows the truth
So in the Spirit
Shame is destroyed
For without the pain
I am held fast
To the guilt
I so long to avoid