The touch of her hand
Nestled in mine
Wrestles my heart
From its moors
Soon set adrift
On her waters
I'm stranded
By beauty's allure
My heart unfurls
In an instant
As waves of emotion
I ride
I untie the anchor
Setting sail
On the quick rising tide

Strangers Still

There within the mottled light
We sat as strangers
Music lifted off moving fingers
Like some kind of wizardry
Amidst the sunlight and serenade 
Casual words were tossed about
In a simple game of catch and release
The moment was but pocket change
In a lifetime full of treasure
But there among the swelter and song
At a table well appointed
Strangers became
Less strange

Look Up

It’s easy to see
Only your shoes
If you watch
Your every step
It’s easy to miss
The world around
If never looking
To the right or the left
A smile given
Is never known
If you don’t see
The others nearby
A friendship lost
May be the price
Never knowing
And wondering why
Take a look around
This wonderful world
And see clear
This place where you live
A nod and a smile
A chat and a hug
May be what others
Are waiting to give


the mile markers miss
the greater distance that I feel
the road is longer yet
for a longing yet to heal
though I feel the gap between us
you may think it nothing real
but from here the space is obvious
its truth though well concealed
may there come a day to rectify
the struggle never said
may we live in honest harmony
no tears between us shed
for love is there to foster
a better ending lies ahead
let us live this day to travel
close the gap and new paths tread

Battle Born

The night stretched on
and wisdom flowed
cold glasses held their fill
A friendship born 
from common foes
that tried to break their will
Recounting all the battles 
they ushered in the dawn
and thus began a friendship
to last a lifetime long


I met a man with dim lit eyes
His world was dark and cold
Around him and within him
Were devastations yet untold
I met a girl with eyes aglow
Who skipped where ‘ere she went
Her life had been protected
Her spirit yet unbent 
I met a friend with soulful eyes
Who took my troubles as his own
In turn he gave his light to me
New seeds of hope were sown
The eyes of those around us
Are the pathways God provides 
If we’ll journey deep within them
We’ll have life and more beside 
Eye to eye we’ll make our way
To truth and love divine
But avert our gaze and look away
And life anew we’ll never find

Distracted Again

How is it Lord that I am so easily drawn
to the lesser of things in this life?
Why is the shiny so enticing
and the glint of fool’s gold such a pull?
I know full well the truth
I know the glory to find
I know in you is all I could want
And yet…

Forgive my wandering
Set my feet this day
To follow your path
Lead me to kindness
Lead me to love
Let me be joyful
Let me be grace
Let me offer to others
Nothing but you

Grieve Not

Grieve not the loss
Of pride and pretension
For they are but the mire
That holds captive the soul
Seek to hold high
The goodness of others
For in giving them honor
The body grows whole

Grieve not the struggle
That comes with the being
One with the many
Seeking God’s greater good
In working together
We will find new tomorrows
In humble connection
We’ll end up where we should


There is more
Than what is seen
A brokenness well hidden
A guarding of the soul
That takes up so much time
The energy expended
To hide our hurting selves
Hinders our ability 
To love
And to imagine
And to create
But who will be the one
To let the facade fall way
Who will be the vulnerable one
To walk the road less traveled
Maybe we could find one other
Or two
Who would walk with us
In truth and love
And then maybe
The more there is
Will no longer be unseen