I Wait

Grace enough to breathe
Is what I long for
Grace enough to find
A way to see
Grace enough to overcome 
My sorrow
Grace enough to live
And fully be
Grace is what will save me
A gift I don’t deserve
Grace can fill the deepness
Overfill my dry reserve
Lord your promise 
Is my talisman
That holds in it my fate
I cling to what you offer
And on your healing touch
I wait

Raise Me Up

Raise me up to see the wonder
Raise me up
Raise me up I’m torn asunder
Raise me up
Let me live in you again
Let me be a better man
Raise me up from where I’ve been
Raise me up

Never more to seek the glory on my own
Never more to push ahead or walk alone
Raise me up to be with you
Raise me up my soul renew
Take my heart
Take my life 
And make it true

A Slower Way

I almost hear the sound
Of the rushing wind go by
As I hurry through my day
Caught in the what and not the why
Let me ne’er forget
That there is more than what I do
Remind in my busy day
That grace abounds and love renews
The interruptions are quite often
A greater work to tend
Help me, Lord, to be there in
A better man, a better friend
Make me aware of moments
And cause my brain to slow
When someone needs a kind word
And there is hope I need to sow
Say the word and cease the wind
That comes from hurried days
And let me be instead
One who walks a slower way

The Struggle is Real

Hear our cry
O Lord our God
And save us
From us
The struggle is real
Within us
And among us
Even we who are yours
Especially we?
Come again
Be born anew
Let your light 
Chase away the night
Hear our cry
O Lord our God
For our struggle is real
But your love is…


Fighting the Fight

In the moment
Just moments before
The day in earnest begins
I fall on my knees
Gird up my loins
Read up
And reload
I feed my soul
With hearty holy fare
As I stand
Ready to engage the day
I look around
And I see
The fiery chariots
And shields
Of angel armies

I fight each day
On two fronts
Battles without
And skirmishes within
Every day is a battle
Every moment I fight
But I do not
Fight from weakness
And I do not
Fight alone


Faith is to believe
In what I cannot see
Foolishness is to seek
What surely could not be
Faith can look like foolishness
And fools can live by faith
So Lord I need your wisdom
To know which road to take
Do I step out in the darkness
Trusting you to make a way
Or do I wait for you to show 
The path in light of day
Or maybe it’s not seeking
A certain forethought goal
Maybe faith is trusting
You’ll be there through it all
It’s not the path that measures faith
It’s the Companion that we choose
It’s not the road that matters
It’s the heart that seeks the Truth
Your cross, O Lord, was foolishness
The path you trod was rough
None could see how God would use
Your death to show His love
Please give me faith to follow
To be foolish when I must
Embolden me within my heart
And each step to you entrust

Just a Word

Begin with just a word
Directed toward the Lord
Just one simple heartfelt word
There’s need of nothing more
Prayer is just the way
We turn our heart toward God
No need to make it fancy
No reason for facades
God knows your need already
And God knows what brings you peace
Prayer is what allows the Lord
Our daily blessings to increase
So turn your heart toward heaven
And know your prayer is heard
It need not be elaborate
Begin with just a word


Do you hear me?
This I wonder
As I pray my daily prayer
I speak it seems
Into the abyss
And my words drift off
Lost among the silence
I wonder, Lord
Why you do not hear
The prayer I pray
Each day?
I keep seeking your involvement
Yet you remain unmoved

Until today

Today I heard you
As you responded to me
You wondered if I heard you
As you spoke
So often, you said, it seems
Your words drift off
Lost among the noise
You said so often
You called me to act
To move
To let you move in me
You keep seeking my involvement 
And yet I remain unmoved


Nevermore to Fear

Nevermore to fear the future
I live in Christ alone
Nevermore to fear the struggle
For the fight is not my own
I follow not because I’m able
Truly that I know I’m not
I follow for he calls me
As with God I cast my lot
There’s more to life abundant
Than the treasures I might seek
There’s the joy of peace discovered
New found strength among the weak
There is need for transformation
Deep within my soul
There’s a need to live with rigor
As this story now unfolds
So let my spirit be encouraged
My heart steeled to run the race
Nevermore to fear the unknowns
Trusting solely in God’s grace