I will glorify you Lord
In all I do
I will praise you
In my heart that lives anew
I will sing and shout for joy
As my sin you have destroyed
I will glorify you Lord
The whole day through 

Sovereign Lord

I will give you all my praise
And still have more
I will sing with all my heart
And be restored
I will lift your name on high
On your grace I will rely
I will worship you this day 
my Sovereign Lord

The Humidity of Worship

The air was thick
With the sound of worship
It filled my nostrils
Invaded my lungs
And found its way to my heart
It ruptured there
And ruined me
Overwhelmed my system
And took me down
My knees buckled
My hands trembled
As I tried to adjust
To a new reality
Where grace and love
Became my air
And my water
Then soon enough
I found my footing
Gained new strength
And learned to live
And the air is thick
Around me
Filled with the sound
Of my worship

What Else

What else is more right?
Where else might we be?
How could we not?
Have we not been set free?

One day out of seven
An hour or two
Seems little to offer
Much less than is due
The Lord has redeemed us
Unshackled our souls
Given life to our hearts
And hope yet untold

So where would we go
And what might we do
That would say to our God
We’re grateful to you?
For me it’s a given
I’ll worship and pray
And this one will be
The BEST of all days


You are greater Lord
Than all our love
And your grace
Beyond our sin
Where we are trapped
In selfish aims
It’s there
Your love still wins
You are greater Lord
In all your ways
Than any plan
We dare to think
You offer
Living water
And encourage us
To stop and drink
This Sabbath day
Is greater
Than any in our week
So let this day
Our praise be heard
As your greater life
We seek

Praise be to God

Praise be to God
Who sets me free
Who opens my eyes
So truly I see
Praise be to God
Who saves my soul
Who offers me grace
And makes me whole
Praise be to God
Who forgives my sin
Who each day offers
His mercies again
Praise be to God
Who never gives up
Who chases me down
And refuses to stop
Praise be to God
His love He made known
For God has redeemed me
My life’s not my own 

Sabbath Set Still

I bow at the foot of your throne, O God
I am awed by your presence divine
At the sound of your voice
Calling me, “Come”
My heart and my hopes I resign
Lift me up from the muck and the mire
Breathe in me your life once again
I will join with the angels around you
Your praise forever I’ll sing
This day is the BEST of so many
Spent toiling to make my ends meet
But the place I find joy
And the source of my peace
Is Sabbath set still at your feet 

Sunday Living

We come again to cast our lot
To make our stand anew
We come rejoicing at the sound
Of praises sung to you
No other option suits us
Lord, no other way seems right
You’re the source peace and freedom
Giving life, restoring sight
So on this day of Sabbath rest
This BEST day of the week
It is you to whom we sing our songs
It is you our hearts will seek
Gather in your people now
To worship heart-to-heart
Reinvigorate our spirits
Your grace again impart
Then send us back into the world
Your glory to declare
So others,too, might turn toward you
And find life beyond compare

I Will

i will pause for this one day
i will turn my gaze above
i will look for grace that heals
i will seek out God’s great love
i will lift my voice in praise
i will sing among the people
i will join with the believers
i will stand beneath the steeple
i will worship and adore the Lord
i will answer God’s request
I will spend this day as Sabbath
i will revere this day as BEST

God Alone

Can I be well-regarded
and still glorify your name?
If I work to show my goodness
can I show yours just the same?
My human heart it seeks acceptance
in the eyes of those around
but I fear my need for notice
will put my feet on slipp’ry ground
For you, O Lord, are worthy
you alone deserve all praise
may my life reflect your glory
and to you all hands be raised