I saw grace
Like a waterfall
But a drop
Is all I could grasp
The more I tried
To take hold
The less I seemed
To have
Yet elusive
Made me wonder
If grace
I could know
In any measure
And then
Everything changed
When I stopped 
I stopped grabbing
For grace
And instead
I cupped my hands
Watched them fill
And took a drink
I was revived
With living water
So often I grab
When I simply need
To receive


I rise 
above the heavens
and step 
upon the stars
I see 
as if I’ve never seen before
the wide expanse
stretched out around me
the beauty 
fills my very soul
And I discover
I am free 
forever more
from my heartache
by my sin
I am given
to a universal peace
ever certain
of God’s love
that lives within me
ever hopeful
to become
what I might be
I live
as one now given
sweet release

No More

Sink no more in sorrow
Hide no more afraid
Live no more so anxious
The price of hope is paid
Jesus Christ is risen
Evil can not win
Your heart is free to love again
Weighed down no more by sin
So join the mighty chorus
The singing praying throngs
Worship love’s true Savior
Sing out this best day’s song
Hide no more in shadows
Burst forth like morning’s sun
Jesus Christ is risen
And guilt and shame undone


What would you do
If your life were made new?
What hope would it give to your heart?
What dream would you dream
If the slate were wiped clean?
What venture would you dare to start?

Well this is that day
When life starts a new
Take a step
Run a race
Chart a course
This is that day
Just waiting to be
Its goal
And its source

Raise Me Up

Raise me up to see the wonder
Raise me up
Raise me up I’m torn asunder
Raise me up
Let me live in you again
Let me be a better man
Raise me up from where I’ve been
Raise me up

Never more to seek the glory on my own
Never more to push ahead or walk alone
Raise me up to be with you
Raise me up my soul renew
Take my heart
Take my life 
And make it true


Can he heal me of my burden
Take from me the weight of sin?
Can he save me from the depths
And give me life anew again?

I can he whispered softly
As he drew me to his side
I can offer grace unbounded
And new life to those who died
It matters not where you have wandered
Only that you have returned
I’ll give you wisdom from the Father
Old ways together we’ll unlearn
Walk beside me quite intently
Give me all your heart and soul
You’ll find the Way not easy
Yet the journey makes you whole

So I left my guilt and shame
On the roadside where I stood
And I started on the journey
To become all that I could

Ash Wednesday

What bother to be mortal
To feel the failing soul
What burden to be human
Never truly feeling whole
But to recognize our frailties
To admit our bent toward sin
Allows us to find hope anew
And in Christ born again
For from dust we were created
From the mud our life was formed
The hands that made us human
Can our spirits now reform
A smudge of ash is our reminder
Death can never be outrun
Yet mortality is exorcised
In Christ new life is won

The Humidity of Worship

The air was thick
With the sound of worship
It filled my nostrils
Invaded my lungs
And found its way to my heart
It ruptured there
And ruined me
Overwhelmed my system
And took me down
My knees buckled
My hands trembled
As I tried to adjust
To a new reality
Where grace and love
Became my air
And my water
Then soon enough
I found my footing
Gained new strength
And learned to live
And the air is thick
Around me
Filled with the sound
Of my worship