The touch of her hand
Nestled in mine
Wrestles my heart
From its moors
Soon set adrift
On her waters
I'm stranded
By beauty's allure
My heart unfurls
In an instant
As waves of emotion
I ride
I untie the anchor
Setting sail
On the quick rising tide


Be the bright spot
In the darkness
Be the love
They rarely see
Be the one
Who sees their struggle
Be a help
To those in need
Be for others
What you hope for
Be for friends
A place to lean
Be for strangers
A warm smile
Be for two
The way unseen
Be unchained
From selfish motives
Be set free
From guilt and shame
Be what’s needed
For your neighbor
Be forever 
Not the same

Across Town

In the house across town
They sleep uneasy
Love abounds
But food is hard to find
Every day is a struggle
Every dollar is hard won
One step forward
Two steps back and far behind
No complaint makes its way
To the timelines
Never fussing about things
They wish could be
In the homes where life
Is lived abundant
There’s no clue
Of a neighbor barely free

This Wedding Day

Did I see this day
The day you came
And I held you
In my hands?
Did I see this day
When you would go
And leave me
For another man?
Did I consider
How my tears
Would flow
As to him
You gave your heart?
Did I know
My own
Could burst with joy
And yet
Be torn apart?
I praise my God
For what will be
This day when him
You wed
I’ll proudly watch
As you unite
And look with joy
At days ahead
But forgive me
If I harken
Back to days
Of bikes and shoes
For my little girl
You’ll always be
My heart
You’ll never lose

Waiting for aWedding 

Bravely they step
Toward a future unknown
And hand in hand
I watch in wonder
And smiling pride
As the day
Unfolds the plan
Where will you go
And what will you see
As your life
Now takes this turn?
What future
Will God show you
What call
Will you discern?
May you never fear
Or lose your nerve
When the obstacles
You face
For God is there
And offers free
His much abundant grace

Focus on Kindness

I see goodness all around us
Too often lost in a selfish sea
Yet love and hope are dancing
In a people living free
Don’t lose the sun behind a cloud
Of cruelty and of hate
The good of God is with us
The darkness ’round us will abate
Look to see the beauty
Of a hand held out in love
Focus on the kindness
Flowing from the heart of God
We are tempted to lose confidence 
In the heart of those not us
But there’s righteousness and blessing
Found in others quite enough

A Moment

My spirit falls softly
Into your presence
Thankful to be
Near where you are
The touch of your hand
Light on my shoulder
Brings strength to my being
And joy to my heart
A moment of meaning
Of truth safe revealed
Is enough to encourage
My soul now to yield
I move with new vigor
Going boldly to fight
To become what I can
And not what I might


Jabs and barbs
And unkind
The downward turn
Of many hearts
Live not in fear
And worry not
That life
Will go astray
The Lord of hope
The One who saves
Brings peace
In troubled days
Words of honor
In times of angst
Will serve us
One and all
So stop and pray
And speak of hope
For such is love’s
True call