He moved into the waves
their fight raging below the surface
It would be his glory
or his undoing
The power of the tide
evoked his courage
(or fueled his insanity)
Out beyond the shoreline
new adventures sang
their siren song
No great story is found
on the sandy edge
he said
Where the waves fall weak
is a place for the weak
There is life there
but no real living
There is time honest spent
but not invested
Riding the crest and fall
the mocking silence of the land
became a distant whisper
and he rode the waves
to his glory
or his demise

Ever Always

Be ever always
As you should
And never
What you’re not
Look ahead
And not behind
There are doings
To be wrought
What was now is
And will remain
But what comes
Has yet been sought
The one who seeks
With heart held true
Will discover
What they ought

Stop Running

People running
A race to nowhere
Striving for riches
At a dangerous pace
What futility this
The human endeavor
What flawed way of being
We often embrace
Riches we hoard
Can’t buy what we need
They clutter our hearts
And our peace they impede
Convinced of the value
Of human success
We seek for ourselves
And ignore all the rest
But in the midst of it all
There is one who is other
One who lives not
For his own but for us
Jesus of Naz’reth
True Son of God
Offers riches abundant
From his place on the cross
If we lay down our treasure
And look to his grace
We’ll find greater riches 
And rest from the race
Stop running my friends
And seek what is true
Let your heart be transformed
And your life be renewed


There is a clamor for perfection
Noisy gongs seem to abound
What good is being done
By this angry screeching sound
Enough already
Enough contentiousness and fear
Enough with all the push back
Enough with all the tears
Seek goodness in the doing
Find a better hopeful way
Stop tilting at the windmills
And adding to the fray
Before you nod agreeing
Don’t be fooled by what I’ve said
This is not a public treatise
But the voice within my head
Each must listen to the Spirit
Wisdom given for the day
Each one living into goodness
Is the only hopeful way


Perfectly free
Of me
I must be
If humility
Is my goal
I’d rather be humble
Than humbled
For the latter
Is pain for my soul
But the journey
To one
Is the work
Of the other
And calls me
To let myself go
So I’ll endure
My life’s gaffs
And learn best I can
So humility
More I will know


Through the soil
Life emerges 
A seed
A sprout
A promise
Rains fall
Winds blow
Strength arises from within
One day a harvest
But first
There is the struggle
To be
To become
To be seen
To be fully known

Onward Always

Setting sail
In the sunshine
Waves of courage
Line the dock
On the sea
Far from shoreline
Waves now tossing
Sailors mock
Row the boat
Bail the water
Turn not back
From the aims
Storms subside
Waves will settle
Onward always
Hope remains

One Step

One step forward
One step more
One step closer
One step toward
It’s not the journey
You have to make
It’s just one step
You need to take
One step moves you
One step gains
One step onward
One step maintains
Just move ahead
One small amount
You’ll get there soon
Just one step now

Lead On

Who could see with human eyes
The path that here before us lies
The stones you move
Our doubts reprove
Great hopes within our hearts arise

Lead on our stalwart Savior
Hold fast your loving favor
By faith we go
Your grace bestow
May we from this path not waiver

To the End

But not tended
But not succored
But not proffered
But not brought forth

Drives development
Propels the payoff
Invigorates victory

Work each day
To the end