A yellow load of potential
drove past me yesterday
It’s hard to see its fullness
from my porch
Could the answer for our future
be traveling down my street
Might a problem of tomorrow
sit beside her
Potential has no moral compass
nor does it bend to one
All those on the bus have it
Their choices and mine
set the path
And now I’m thinking
did they look at me
on my front stoop
and wonder about me
Do they imagine my potential
And that leads me to consider
do I?

Ever Always

Be ever always
As you should
And never
What you’re not
Look ahead
And not behind
There are doings
To be wrought
What was now is
And will remain
But what comes
Has yet been sought
The one who seeks
With heart held true
Will discover
What they ought


What could be
If it could be
What dream unspoken
Yet you see
Be not discouraged
Nor dismayed
For more can be
Most any day
Imagine life
In greater form
Consider options
Not the norm
The world needs dreamers
Minds set free
For what you think
Could still yet be
But don’t stop there
Go further still
Not just thinking
Dreams fulfill
Take steps of faith
Try something new
Imagine yes
But also do

Work the Future

The future lies encased
In the sediment of hope
Or captive to the fears
We let our minds promote
Either way the work remains
What will be is what is birthed
Take the chisel to the stone
New life is there to be unearthed
Fear not what might be found
Worry not about what comes
For the God who gave you life
Will work within you ’til you’re done
Give this life your all in all
Seek tomorrow with great heart
For the future you’ll uncover
 Depends upon the effort you impart

This Day

I sat and watched as time slipped by
Speedily hastening into the future
Dust collected like new fell snow
Lights failed and cracks appeared
I sat in curious wonder of it all
Before me there was wreck and ruin
All there was come to nothing in due time
Pillaged by rot and rust and neglect
I sat as silent sadness turned to joy
As quickly I returned from whence I came
Tomorrow is still to be determined
What shall be then begins here and now


I will give myself 
to what may be
For what is 
cannot sustain
I will fall exhausted 
if I must
So that hope 
is what remains
For what joy can hold 
for any
If we’re just about 
this day
The present 
is a fleeting flash
The future’s 
on its way
I’ll fear not
the burning arrows
The enemy
may sling
I’ll climb the hill
and fight the foes
Until God’s praise 
I’ll sing
Armored in
God’s righteousness
And energized 
by grace
I’ll seek
the possibilities
And the glory
that awaits


What answer could there be
To a world gone awry?
What response can be given
To a most distant cry?
What shift could be made
What change could be wrought
For the many lost souls
In the struggle now caught?
A daunting endeavor
An impossible task
Is needing much more
Than what one could ask
But maybe
Just maybe
The words that are spoke
Would sow seeds of love
And then hope they’d evoke
The spark of renewal
Possibilities real
Begin so it seems
In the words that we wield
So offer some kindness
Encourage a friend
And the spirit of love
Will win out
In the end