Strangers Still

There within the mottled light
We sat as strangers
Music lifted off moving fingers
Like some kind of wizardry
Amidst the sunlight and serenade 
Casual words were tossed about
In a simple game of catch and release
The moment was but pocket change
In a lifetime full of treasure
But there among the swelter and song
At a table well appointed
Strangers became
Less strange

When Worlds Meet

Brush strokes 
The only evidence
Of the pride
She holds
Behind a stoic stare
In the stagnant doorway
Of a slow 
moving world
Prized soil packed
Defines her lot
In life

Strangers gawk
Then smile
Awkward greetings
tongue-tied lips
Enough to stay
The ego
And assuage the discomfort
Yet distance
Familiar strangers these

Laughter CameĀ 

Laughter came
Like a thunder clap
And split the night 
Wide open
From the fissure
Poured a joy
Into hidden places
For a time
Life was coated
With a raucous smile
What gift it is
This storming wit
By which God transforms
A gathering

Breakfast in a Lifeboat

I ate my breakfast
in a lifeboat
A soul Tsunami
off the coast
of the every day
The low-pressure
moved in
My higher self
pushed out
The tide of my anxiety
without ebb
But across the table
I found
The First-Responder
paddling steady
through the storm
The rhythm 
of the movement
pushed my soul
toward the shore
So powerful
yet graceful
I felt a steadiness
on the stormy
spiritual sea
bringing hope
to my heart
The One who loves
is the who rescued
This Mighty One
stills the inner storm
The meal was planned
before the storm
but in that torrent
it was my salvation
It was breakfast
in a lifeboat
that looked a lot
like a meal
shared with a friend

Chance Meetings

The treasure of chance meetings
A surprising gift from heav’n above
One not to be taken lightly
Adding much to the wealth of our love 
Do not fear the interruptions 
Of your well laid plan’s intent
For the richness of God’s blessings 
Trump any agenda you might set
Embrace the people in your path
Who may be friends you’ve yet to meet
The treasure that you find in them
May be just the gift you need