The Future

Just beyond the fingertips
Suspended in time
The future hangs
Like fruit ripe for picking
You can almost taste it
The sweetness of the first bite
The trickle of succulence on your chin
Quickly caught by the back of your hand
You imagine the goodness
And experience the freshness
Even before you pick it off the branch
This is the joy of the dream
The anticipation of the sumptuous
The gift of the present
Is its movement toward the future
And the hope of the divine


What could be
If it could be
What dream unspoken
Yet you see
Be not discouraged
Nor dismayed
For more can be
Most any day
Imagine life
In greater form
Consider options
Not the norm
The world needs dreamers
Minds set free
For what you think
Could still yet be
But don’t stop there
Go further still
Not just thinking
Dreams fulfill
Take steps of faith
Try something new
Imagine yes
But also do

Sleep’s Imagination

In sleep’s imagination
Fears and hopes collide
My emotions taken captive
On their roller coaster ride
I awake in anxious fervor
Or in joy at what may be
But dreams are not the harbinger
Of the future I might see
Yet sleep’s imagination
Offers a window to my soul
Reminding me I best pursue
Life’s greater hopeful goals


I see in you the yestermorrow 
The future and the past
I watch your first unsteady steps
And the dreams in hope you cast
I remember your brief history
And see years ahead unknown
As you venture out of childhood
Making great strides now your own
The days of your sweet growing
And the years still yet to come
Meld into precious moments
And my heart is full undone
My children how I treasure
Every single day you live
My love spans all that was
And beyond this time that is
I’m anxious to discover
What the past will soon become
As days of yestermorrow
Are unfinished and yet done

Holding the Future

Like water in our hands
Is the future we examine
Embraced for a moment
Touched to the tongue
We get a taste
Feel the possibilities
But we are left
With just a hint
As the present
Usurps the dream
The future is to be known
But never fully
Until we dive in

Dream Life

I thought the worst that life could bring
Was limits on our doing
A physical disease
Would be of all our greatest ruing
But the killer to be feared
Is the one that takes our dreams
The one that keeps our mind and heart
From grasping the unseen
For imagination leads us
Beyond reality’s hard truth
And lets us see the future
Colored in the riches hues
In abundance of such beauty
We find the passion to go on
And even in a weaker state
Our dreams can keep us strong

God’s Dream

I wonder if God dreams
Of a better life for me
Does the One who gave me life
Have a me He hopes I’ll be?
And then I have to think
If there is this better me
Will God reveal the ending
Of the story that could be?
Or must I simply live each day
And let the pages turn and pass
And hope that every moment
Will a treasured me amass?
I’m thinking it’s the latter
For God rarely tips His hand
For what I see as detour
May be God’s actual plan
So if I had to say I would
That God dreams and sees for me
More than I would hope or ask
But what I’ll be I can’t yet see

The Climb

The mountain peak
  holds no sway
in why I do
  what I do
It is the mountain
 and the climb
  that so diligently 
   I pursue
To be
 at the summit
  is not the same
as making ones
 way to the top
It’s the trek
 and the journey
  and the beauty
    you see
that brings
  the heart to a stop
So I stand
 at the foot
  of the Herculean hill
  and make the first step
 on my way
No telling how far
  my journey will go
 all I know 
  is it starts
   here today

Art and Rubble

The ever-emerging art
As the rubble
Builds up around us
Striking the chisel
We chip away the days
Time breaks and scatters 
As possibilities are discarded
Each choice a hammer blow
On our existence
Each decision reveals
What we are yet become
Who we may be
Begins to emerge
From the formless slab
There is no undoing
What is carved in stone
There is only the future
The next strike
The choice of what is rubble
And what is us

Revisiting Youth

Grand and unachievable
The dreams of my youth
A grind so unbelievable
I’ve surrendered now to truth
I’d like to find that young lad
Who had such lofty thoughts
To hear the visions he once had
And the future he once sought
It’s far too easy to be jaded
So very effortless to concede
As my younger days have faded
I find the less I might believe
So I’ll search for that young man
Who saw with youthful eyes
I’ll try to find where he began
And his dreams again reprise