I Wait

Grace enough to breathe
Is what I long for
Grace enough to find
A way to see
Grace enough to overcome 
My sorrow
Grace enough to live
And fully be
Grace is what will save me
A gift I don’t deserve
Grace can fill the deepness
Overfill my dry reserve
Lord your promise 
Is my talisman
That holds in it my fate
I cling to what you offer
And on your healing touch
I wait

Moments of Mundane

Moments of mundane
Settle like the fog
Obscuring life’s great beauty
And yet we know
Beneath the gray blanket
Remains the landscape
That catches our breath
That stirs our soul
Makes us mourn the sunset
It is vain labor 
To lift the fog ourselves
It’s not the heaviness
It’s the handholds
All there is is waiting
For the time will come
When the air will clear
And the beauty we know
Will appear before us once again
As the sunlight breaks through
The moments of mundane

Morning Fog

In mornings lost amid the fog
I wander aimless in my soul
What might the day become
what future might unfold 
I turn and turn to find my way
to find a place to start
But no path is seen before me
In the time when dawn meets dark
And then within my hand I see
A light held as a gift
I realize God is with me now
And my hope begins to shift
O light of God within me
burn away the morning clouds
Show me all the glory
That your holy light allows
Set my feet upon the path
that even yet I cannot see
Shine your light and guide my steps
no longer aimless may I be

Gray Matters

i plod along
and shaking
faith holstered
impotence my only encouragement
then others come
the weight dissolves
in the light 
sadness erodes
in hope
i run


Standing in the shadows
shielded from the light
waiting for the darkness
inevitable at night
Expected is the dawn
but hours ’til it breaks
the unseeable reality
its weary toll does take
Come quickly sun and Son
unlock this prison dark
Release the weighty cloud
that has settled o’er my heart
By your power I face this foe
and take comfort in the thought
you felt this on the cross
as our freedom there you bought
You trusted in the coming day
when life and light would win
You left behind the darkness
and the carcass of our sin
So be comforted my spirit
hold fast my tumultuous soul
the Lord our God has promised
a brighter future to behold