Strangers Still

There within the mottled light
We sat as strangers
Music lifted off moving fingers
Like some kind of wizardry
Amidst the sunlight and serenade 
Casual words were tossed about
In a simple game of catch and release
The moment was but pocket change
In a lifetime full of treasure
But there among the swelter and song
At a table well appointed
Strangers became
Less strange


I met a man with dim lit eyes
His world was dark and cold
Around him and within him
Were devastations yet untold
I met a girl with eyes aglow
Who skipped where ‘ere she went
Her life had been protected
Her spirit yet unbent 
I met a friend with soulful eyes
Who took my troubles as his own
In turn he gave his light to me
New seeds of hope were sown
The eyes of those around us
Are the pathways God provides 
If we’ll journey deep within them
We’ll have life and more beside 
Eye to eye we’ll make our way
To truth and love divine
But avert our gaze and look away
And life anew we’ll never find


I love you
And I hate you

When I seek you
And you’re there
I’m grateful for the peace
At times I need your company

But then
There are times
When you arrive unbidden
And annoy me
Times I long for God’s voice
And you show up instead

Did God send you?
Are you my tutor or my torturer?
Most often in these times
I tend to hate you
But maybe
Love is the reason you come
If only you could tell me

Clattering of the Keys

The clatter of the keys
Carries the longing heart
Friends are reconnected
Even as they’re far apart
What joy to bridge the gap
When distant we must be
What miracle this odd machine
With the clatter of its keys
No substitute for contact
Better handshakes or a hug
But in the in-between time
It serves us well enough