Taken captive
A dark hood
Roughly forced
Over my head
I’m transported
To a dark 
And isolated place

Is thrust upon me
And seclusion
Often sought
Yet their presence
Not chosen
Feels harsh
And cold

I am aware
It is the same place
The same destination
Of two journeys
It is the violence
Of the events
That craters my soul
Instead of lifting it

Or maybe
It’s how I choose
To focus on the path
And not the place
Humility’s power
It seems
Is in my choosing

Screw the Talk

I don’t wanna cry no more
I wanna shout
I’m more pissed off
than I am much put out
fighting for what does not give
while sons and daughters cease to live
screw the talk
and your righteous disregard
babies runnin’ free and easy
without hope
daddies praying while they’re
clinging to their rope
but we live strong and ever free
they are them and never we
screw the talk
and the condescending scorn
fear is rising all around
and all about
people huddle closer in
push strangers out
disconnection is their answer
but worry keeps on like a cancer
screw the talk
and the words that sow discord

Stand Up

He said, “Stand up”

After knocking him down

“Boy look me in the eye”

Afraid to make any sound

He knew better than to cry

“You best respect me

And be grateful too

For all I’ve ever done”

The hollow words echoed

In the ears of a beaten son

He watched as siblings

Found their way

With the help of a doting dad

And yet he knew

The times would come

He’d feel the wrath of things gone bad

He then grew into his own one day

And he caught his father’s fist

The anger swelled and broadened

But dad was too weak to resist

The boy now man

Struck a blow

To the man at whose table he sat

The father staggered

And shouted out

“I raised you better than that”

The boy now man

Stood his ground

And said, “You’re reaping what you sowed

You raised me up in fearfulness

But I’d like us to live in hope”

But the father pushed back

And hated this son

For what he showed him to be

He refused to listen

And find a way

For both to live strong and free

The family bonds were fraying

For lack of empathy’s ear

And on bended knee the son would dream

Of a life free of struggle and fear


A yellow load of potential
drove past me yesterday
It’s hard to see its fullness
from my porch
Could the answer for our future
be traveling down my street
Might a problem of tomorrow
sit beside her
Potential has no moral compass
nor does it bend to one
All those on the bus have it
Their choices and mine
set the path
And now I’m thinking
did they look at me
on my front stoop
and wonder about me
Do they imagine my potential
And that leads me to consider
do I?


Why must I bear the shame
Of your hatred and your pride
From birth I share your gender
By DNA my skin is white
But that's the reach of our connection
For you act with such disdain
And yet I live the stigma
Of your torch-lit claim to fame
My answer is to be among
The men whose skin is white
Yet seek to bring the heart of God
To your insipid evil fight
May I be so bold to offer up
The life I think I need to live
And may I find the courage
To regret I have but one to give


The touch of her hand
Nestled in mine
Wrestles my heart
From its moors
Soon set adrift
On her waters
I'm stranded
By beauty's allure
My heart unfurls
In an instant
As waves of emotion
I ride
I untie the anchor
Setting sail
On the quick rising tide

Ever Always

Be ever always
As you should
And never
What you’re not
Look ahead
And not behind
There are doings
To be wrought
What was now is
And will remain
But what comes
Has yet been sought
The one who seeks
With heart held true
Will discover
What they ought

Early Morning Way

along the early morning way
every day steps 
taken anew
thoughts and hopes
of what may still yet be
curious of what has been
conjecture of what’s yet to come
converge to spark 
a new familiar dream
the buds
may never blossom 
and yet
they fuel the day
the early morning trek
is worth the time


Begin with your beginning
If you haven’t yet begun
Or begin there in the middle
Or just before its done
Begin anew
Or begin again
But begin where e’er you be
For until you start
It never ends
And the goal you never see
Begin with cries of courage
Begin with quiet thought
Which ever way is called for
Begin or all is naught 
It’s only your decision 
No one begins your quest
Take up your mantle
Start today
And begin what you know best

The Future

Just beyond the fingertips
Suspended in time
The future hangs
Like fruit ripe for picking
You can almost taste it
The sweetness of the first bite
The trickle of succulence on your chin
Quickly caught by the back of your hand
You imagine the goodness
And experience the freshness
Even before you pick it off the branch
This is the joy of the dream
The anticipation of the sumptuous
The gift of the present
Is its movement toward the future
And the hope of the divine