Storm the Gates

Say goodbye to yesterday
For friends tomorrow comes
Leave the past
And future cast
For new battles must be won

Keep the lessons hard fought learned
And gird your loins to fight
Seize the day
And find a way
To turn darkness into light

No burden you need carry
For the Lord will take the weight
Deeply love
And look above
As you storm hell’s fiery gates

Bygone Winter 

Through the frosted window
Lay a world awash in white
Rough edges now made smooth
Every surface now gleamed bright
Such it was for childhood snowfalls
All around a pristine sight
I sat transfixed at my small window
And watched the world awash in white
Later on I would hurry
Don my puffy nylon suit
I’d rush out into the beauty
Make my mark with well worn boots
The crunching sound of lost perfection
Came each time I placed my foot
The blanket subject to the eagerness
Of my winter’s day pursuits
A simple joy of younger days
A memory of the seasons past
I’m saddened by the memory
That the beauty could not last
And while I know in youthful zeal
The driven snow I did harass
That world awash in white
Would always melt into the grass

The Bluffs

A bonnie lass
She walked the cliffs
Above the churning sea
To a strapping lad
Aboard a ship
Her heart she’d given free
Throughout the night
His deep voice called
To her ever restless soul
She stopped to listen
So to feel again
Love’s warmth against the cold

The storm raged on
As demons clashed
She tried in peace to wait
But on that night
Two lives were lost
As her strength gave way to fate
She spent her days
Upon those bluffs
Her tears brought greener grass
Yet she would be
Held captive to their past

So when you stand
Upon those cliffs
And look upon the sea
Listen closely
For the voice of love
That longs for what might be


He moved into the waves
their fight raging below the surface
It would be his glory
or his undoing
The power of the tide
evoked his courage
(or fueled his insanity)
Out beyond the shoreline
new adventures sang
their siren song
No great story is found
on the sandy edge
he said
Where the waves fall weak
is a place for the weak
There is life there
but no real living
There is time honest spent
but not invested
Riding the crest and fall
the mocking silence of the land
became a distant whisper
and he rode the waves
to his glory
or his demise

Friendship and Dead Cats

This is my friend
He buried our cat
That was the introduction
Or part of it
A relationship defined in death
Rooted in a response
To grief
How often it’s true
Deep love
Found in hard places
Good friendships
Forged in daily struggles
Timeless trust
And sorrow’s soothing
Create connections 
That span the years
More often our weakness
Finds their strength
Than our talents
Find like hearts
We need others
To be who we cannot
So that we can be for them
And others
Who we truly are

Who would you call
To bury your cat?

The Forge

The Eternal Smith
Moves hardened hearts
Into the fire
The forge ablaze
By the ignition
Of youth’s bravado
And age’s wisdom
Softened by the heat
And flame of struggle
The community 
Is reshaped 
The Smith strikes blow
Upon blow
Grinds away rough edges
Until a new weapon
A sword that divides
Truth from deception
And righteousness
From desire
To lay bare
The imprisoned heart
Beating faintly
But not yet dead


I saw you
A mirage
In my soulless desert
Like tree’s shade
Your voice
Brought relief
And the grass
Around you
Grew green
Around me
Waters flowed
And I live

Days of Birth

It’s a day I don’t remember
And I day I can’t forget
Another trip around the sun
And now wisdom I beget?
I pray this is the one
That I get more right than wrong
May I give it all I have
Staying up and staying strong
May it be a year that matters
Never given to defeat
May it find me doing good
For some folks I’ve yet to meet
I’ll praise my maker while I live
Giving thanks for days of birth
Help me Lord to live the year
And give it all you think it’s worth

The Only Me

I’m the only me
That I can be
But I’m not sure
I do me well
There’s a preferable me
It always seems
But not one
That I can sell
I wish I did me better
But I can’t seem
To pull it off
I guess for now
I’ll try my best
And let my good
Be better enough

Barely Rooted

Barely rooted
when they ripped you
from the ground
No one will know
the fruit
that you would bear
Senseless violence
left a hole
where hope 
was planted
The muddled mind
of another
cleared the land
Your fullness lives
in the Kingdom
yet to come
But we long
to have you incomplete 
In this place
growing up
and casting shadows
on the wall
You barely rooted
when they ripped you
from the ground