Speak Again

Speak again
Your quiet promise
Of a day that’s still to come
Speak again
To hearts divided
Of the truth of battles won
Lord raise your voice
Above the clamor
Let the hope
Of love ring loud
For this world
So lost and broken
Needs to know
Where life is found
Lord speak again
And speak it true
We’re desperately 
In need of you
In need of you

No Matter

Do you know it doesn’t matter
That thing you did
That mistake you make
Over and over
The decisions that keep hurting
More than helping
It’s no matter
Not for God
Oh surely God cares
Especially when your thing
Impacts others
Who also matter
God longs to see you get it right
To live rightly
To love truly
But when you don’t
God still does
You can’t make God love you more
Or less
God’s love for you
Is unbounded
And powerful enough
To overcome all those regrets
Of those times
When you got it wrong
I thought you should know
You can’t stop grace
And that matters

Hope in the Rain

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Though I quake in the storm’s embrace

I trust you are near

Though I struggle to see the way

I push back the fear

For you give us hope

That defies all the rain

You send forth your faithful ones

To ease trouble’s pain

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

I believe in the change you made

In my wayward soul

I believe you are calling us

To bring others home

For you give us hope

That defies all the rain

You send forth your Spirit

And we find life again

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

I believe there is more

I believe nothing less

I believe the day is coming

When we’ll find peace and rest

But until that day has come

And until this life is done

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe


I saw grace
Like a waterfall
But a drop
Is all I could grasp
The more I tried
To take hold
The less I seemed
To have
Yet elusive
Made me wonder
If grace
I could know
In any measure
And then
Everything changed
When I stopped 
I stopped grabbing
For grace
And instead
I cupped my hands
Watched them fill
And took a drink
I was revived
With living water
So often I grab
When I simply need
To receive

Gold From My Undoings

You spin gold from my undoings
Creating beauty from my faults
You make something from my nothing
From my sin your love is taught
There is no force upon the face
Of the earth that can compare
To your ever-present Spirit
To the grace you freely share
So I bow before you Jesus
As there’s no one else I see
Who can bring forth unseen wonder
From the mess I’ve made of me
Lift my life beyond the hopelessness
Take my heart and make it new
You’re the future I can’t fathom
And the love I dare pursue

Holy Fare

The bitterness
of dishonor
sat acrid
in the depth
of my soul
until you 
offered to me
holy fare
even though
I could not
pay the price

The feasting
stirred my hunger
for more
for good
for nourishment
so each day
I return
The invitation
I sit
at your table
and eat
my fill
and there
I find life

Fear Not The Day

Let no fear overtake you
Nor the trembling jar your heart
For the God of grace and goodness
Goes before you from the start
Sing out loud a song of praise
And rejoice in what is true
Greater than the foe you face
Is the Christ who lives in you
Dance with unabashed joy
Charge ahead and take the day
Any mountain can be conquered
Every burden moved away
The strength you need is not your own
The power comes from up above
So rise up O faithful people
Know the hope of God’s great love

Stop Running

People running
A race to nowhere
Striving for riches
At a dangerous pace
What futility this
The human endeavor
What flawed way of being
We often embrace
Riches we hoard
Can’t buy what we need
They clutter our hearts
And our peace they impede
Convinced of the value
Of human success
We seek for ourselves
And ignore all the rest
But in the midst of it all
There is one who is other
One who lives not
For his own but for us
Jesus of Naz’reth
True Son of God
Offers riches abundant
From his place on the cross
If we lay down our treasure
And look to his grace
We’ll find greater riches 
And rest from the race
Stop running my friends
And seek what is true
Let your heart be transformed
And your life be renewed

We  Are Risen

He is risen from the grave
And from death we’ve been set free
We are people who rejoice
For heaven’s beauty we now see
All in Jesus come to sing
Raise your hearts in joyful praise
For he’s risen from the dead
And we too in him are raised
New life courses through our veins
And deep peace is our grand prize
For we see the truth of love
No more hidden from our eyes
Let us gather in our places
Let worship fill our heart and soul
For death has been defeated
Our life in Christ has been made whole

The Better Beyond

What lies beyond our thinking?
What world do we ignore?
What if we went beyond ourselves
To a place outside our door?
Beyond the walls we build up?
And the life deceptive lived?
What if we sought to be with
The neighbors we keep hid?
The life we make isn’t evil
But we foolish say it’s good
And what we fight and claw for
Is not what Jesus would
It’s a facade of richest blessing
The world’s unlasting gain
It’s not that we’re unholy
But we seek to curb the pain
The pain of loving neighbors
The pain of sacrifice
The pain of giving up what’s good
So that others might find life
The enemy is winning
Saying “Just don’t make God mad”
We’re persuaded to shun holiness
Replaced with goals of not-too-bad
Rise up O Church with courage
Go beyond the world’s success
The holy life is calling
A life beyond the very best