That Simple Stable

Did the hay smell sweet
Beneath your head
Did the lambs
Come near to see
Did you know deep down
That you had come
All people
To set free
There in a humble stable
You came
Just as we had
To set our hearts
In a place of peace
In a world
Gone bat shit mad

And it’s me
As well
That insane lives
And does what I want do
Then I wander lost
In my doubts and fear
Living in
Such need of you
Draw me near again
Lord Jesus
A humble infant born
Who knows the life
I tend to live
And much forlorn
Let me full embrace
The greatest love
That filled that night
With awe
As there 
In a simple stable
Heaven’s king
Slept in the straw


I saw you
A mirage
In my soulless desert
Like tree’s shade
Your voice
Brought relief
And the grass
Around you
Grew green
Around me
Waters flowed
And I live


They wish me ill
Seek my demise
And fight against me
They throw their spears
Spew their words
And plot my death
Yet you love them
And you hope 
For their repentance
Ever holding out the hope
They’ll find your rest

You deliver me
And thwart their evil doings
You rescue me
And you let them feel your wrath
But is it me who you save
Or them you see enslaved
For my enemies
Your love remains steadfast

I understand
And I know your way is right
My greater wish
Is an end to painful fights
Since for others I may be
The hated enemy
May I know that love
And never leave your sight

Winds and Wind

I have wandered far away at times
Chasing the random winds
But you came along and called me back
From my shame and guilt and sin
I’m simply thankful and humbled
That you’ve never resigned my fate
It’s beyond my comprehension
To know I stand at heaven’s gate
No more to follow a seasonal breeze
A rushing wind now fills my soul
I’m thankful, Jesus, for the life you give
And your Spirit’s breath that makes me whole

More or Less

You give me more 
Than my heart 
Could ever hold
But less
Than it takes
To break it true
I’m so glad
You offer much
In ways of grace
And not just give
To the ask 
I make of you

No Matter

Do you know it doesn’t matter
That thing you did
That mistake you make
Over and over
The decisions that keep hurting
More than helping
It’s no matter
Not for God
Oh surely God cares
Especially when your thing
Impacts others
Who also matter
God longs to see you get it right
To live rightly
To love truly
But when you don’t
God still does
You can’t make God love you more
Or less
God’s love for you
Is unbounded
And powerful enough
To overcome all those regrets
Of those times
When you got it wrong
I thought you should know
You can’t stop grace
And that matters

I Wait

Grace enough to breathe
Is what I long for
Grace enough to find
A way to see
Grace enough to overcome 
My sorrow
Grace enough to live
And fully be
Grace is what will save me
A gift I don’t deserve
Grace can fill the deepness
Overfill my dry reserve
Lord your promise 
Is my talisman
That holds in it my fate
I cling to what you offer
And on your healing touch
I wait

Holy Fare

The bitterness
of dishonor
sat acrid
in the depth
of my soul
until you 
offered to me
holy fare
even though
I could not
pay the price

The feasting
stirred my hunger
for more
for good
for nourishment
so each day
I return
The invitation
I sit
at your table
and eat
my fill
and there
I find life


I rise 
above the heavens
and step 
upon the stars
I see 
as if I’ve never seen before
the wide expanse
stretched out around me
the beauty 
fills my very soul
And I discover
I am free 
forever more
from my heartache
by my sin
I am given
to a universal peace
ever certain
of God’s love
that lives within me
ever hopeful
to become
what I might be
I live
as one now given
sweet release

Held Fast

I am borne
By hands
Among the stars
My soul
Within the heavens
The fray
The angst
Is peace’
Great promise
O my soul
And whose
You are
Held fast
And firm
At home
In joy