No Matter

Do you know it doesn’t matter
That thing you did
That mistake you make
Over and over
The decisions that keep hurting
More than helping
It’s no matter
Not for God
Oh surely God cares
Especially when your thing
Impacts others
Who also matter
God longs to see you get it right
To live rightly
To love truly
But when you don’t
God still does
You can’t make God love you more
Or less
God’s love for you
Is unbounded
And powerful enough
To overcome all those regrets
Of those times
When you got it wrong
I thought you should know
You can’t stop grace
And that matters

I Wait

Grace enough to breathe
Is what I long for
Grace enough to find
A way to see
Grace enough to overcome 
My sorrow
Grace enough to live
And fully be
Grace is what will save me
A gift I don’t deserve
Grace can fill the deepness
Overfill my dry reserve
Lord your promise 
Is my talisman
That holds in it my fate
I cling to what you offer
And on your healing touch
I wait

Holy Fare

The bitterness
of dishonor
sat acrid
in the depth
of my soul
until you 
offered to me
holy fare
even though
I could not
pay the price

The feasting
stirred my hunger
for more
for good
for nourishment
so each day
I return
The invitation
I sit
at your table
and eat
my fill
and there
I find life


I rise 
above the heavens
and step 
upon the stars
I see 
as if I’ve never seen before
the wide expanse
stretched out around me
the beauty 
fills my very soul
And I discover
I am free 
forever more
from my heartache
by my sin
I am given
to a universal peace
ever certain
of God’s love
that lives within me
ever hopeful
to become
what I might be
I live
as one now given
sweet release

In Me Begin

You offer help
In times of trouble
Yet I offer little
In return
Your love 
Is never-ending
Yet my heart
So rarely turns
O Lord my God
I beg to differ
To be more
Than what I’ve been
Set my eyes
On you alone
Let a greater life
In me begin
Through me I hope
Will shine your glory
Through me your love
Will be made known
Guide my steps
And fill my spirit
Make my heart
Your very own

Slowly Rising

Slowly rising comes the sun
As the day is now begun
And my heart is fully open
To you Lord
May my soul be made anew
By the grace I find in you
May I see the future you
Have now in store

The past is left behind
As my heart to you I bind
Asking you to help me
Never go astray
Yet I know if off I go
From the path to me you show
You will stay yet by my side
Throughout the day

So my soul will sing your praise
As my hands to you I raise
For your life has made my joy
Now quite complete
As the sky is filled with light
My spirit too is growing bright
In you my heart has found its true
And hopeful beat