He ignored the words
Of the son who left him
He never heard the plea
This one who left
And caused such hurt
Begged for help
But the words fell short
The father was too busy
Directing his hired hands
He would not be stopped
He would not yield
To the ramblings of his youngest
He was determined 
To go about the business
Of celebrating
This long lost son’s return
The son bowed low
And humbly confessed
As his father gave orders
“Bring a robe”
“Bring the sandals”
“Bring a ring for his hand”
“Kill the fatted calf”
“Prepare a feast!”
The son gave up on his speech
When he realized
His father didn’t care
Didn’t care where he’d been
Didn’t care what he’d done
He only cared that his son was back
He would not yield his love
To his pride
He would not yield his joy
To retribution
He would not yield
He would only rejoice

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