So let me get this right
It’s not the good I do?
It’s not my duty nor my aim
To make my rough edge true?
The call is to abide, you say
To follow where you lead
To be with you throughout my day
And your teaching then to heed?
But doesn’t that end up
With me just being good?
And did you not just tell me
That’s not the would I should?
So let me try to get this
Let me try to understand
It’s not that I won’t get there
It’s the notion of demands?
You’re not a God of scorecards?
Not a God who says we must?
Your measure is by grace
And your real concern is trust?
So say that I believe you
All I do is walk with Christ
And in his presence I’ll become
The man I hoped I might?
It seems easy yet so counter
To the way the world expects
And yet this goal of grace and love
Is the one I most respect
So I’ll give myself to the journey
I’ll live this day with you
And if you are the God I know
You’ll show me this is true

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