I saw you as the sun came up
You had been there all along
I nodded and you waved a hand
Your stance was bold and strong
I left you there and went my way
So much there was to do
I plunged myself into my work
And barely thought of you
But when I turned to look again
There you were unchanged 
Bold and strong and ready still
Your faithfulness remained

What love is this that holds you
Ever by my side?
What grace is this that calls me
Ever in you to abide?
What mercy and forgiveness 
Is so great I cannot flee?
How is it you stay steadfast
For a sinner such as me?

Your faithfulness remains
As the night comes one more time
Your stance so bold and strong
And your nature so sublime
May my heart be given over
To your grace and peace within
May I leave you not and follow
When the new day does begin
Guard my slumber as you stand
Protect my soul from sin’s dark pull
Set my dreams upon your goodness
Lord let my life in You be full

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