I traveled with a heavy pack
Of worldly hopes and dreams
I carried in my pockets
The future yet unseen
You came to me and offered
A life free of the weight
A call to give up what I knew
And to walk with lighter gait
So I unpacked my imagination
Put aside what seemed my best
And I began to walk beside you
Finding grace and peace and rest
Then we stopped along the trail
You said, “leave all you have”
And not believing what You said 
I simply had to laugh
But you just looked right at me
And your eyes were gently fierce
And I knew right then you saw me
As my holy mask you pierced
I know you only seek my good
And in you all hope is found
So reluctantly I sorted through
and lay more dreams upon the ground 
It wasn’t until later on
As I looked at what I had
That I realized I had ended up
With more than I began

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