Conceived by holy intercourse
Our calling mates our soul
To the Spirit of the Living God
A future birth beyond control
Proper care and feeding
Is the order of our days
Nurtured in the heart’s safe womb
We give our life to keep it safe
Gestation is a length unknown
It is set by God’s design
The Father of creation knows
The day, the year, the time
Excitement builds each passing day
We wait to see this act of love
That comes to those who offer
Their deepest self to God above
And then one day it happens
The floodgates open wide
And the new life held within us
Now in our hands abides
Fragile though it is
It now must live by its own right
With careful, daily effort
We help it grow to highest height
Our imperfect, flawed humanity
United with a love divine
Gives birth to possibilities
To the hope of life by God’s design

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