Happiness I often found
In choices that I made
Moral, good, and harmless
Self contentment was my aim
I could not see beyond my thought
Of what I felt was best for me
My imagination was my limit
I was seeking all that I could be
Meeting Jesus in my spirit
Brought another set of goals
This One who lives eternal
Showed the truth of one made whole
I began to see my limits
And how the mind my heart deceives
By setting short the boundaries
Of what any person could achieve
Jesus showed the glory
Which we all are meant to reach
He sets the standard higher
And calls me now that height to seek
It is more than I imagined
It is more than I can do
But by grace and holy power
My aim is now for greater truth
Each day I must remember
My objectives pale compared to God’s
What I could be is so much more
Than I could conjure in my thoughts

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