I don’t recall the days and weeks
Spent nurtured in her womb
But I know the sound of gentle steps
As she checked me sleeping in my room
I have no idea the pain I caused
Along life’s wandering way
Maybe little, maybe much
But ‘never’ she would say
The love I seek I know is found
Only in the arms of Christ
Yet the first time that I knew such love
Was in the arms of my father’s wife
Guided along, corrected and cheered
I’m thankful for her watchful gaze
For my mother’s grace and daily prayers
Keep vigil over all my days
I know very little of her sleepless nights
And her worry for the state of my soul
But I know the love that gave me life
Still longs to see me happy and whole

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, 
I thank God for your life
And the nurturing womb that began me
If the love that you share
Comes back only half
Your cup will be far from empty

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