I thought I was the potter
Turns out I am the clay
Had the notion I was in control
Yet the rains I cannot stop today
Making plans that fall apart
Seemed a failure of resolve
Turns out the truth is deeper 
My humanity’s involved
I haven’t power to exert my will
Beyond a threshold set
by the One who formed the clay
And breathed in the holy breath
There is one Lord, one Father
Who from nothing can create
There is one God who made us
Who can determine every fate
Our weakness was not meant
To keep us in our place
It was simply to compel us
To seek God’s loving face
My failure is a reality
Which drives me to my knees
And allows the Cosmic Potter
To shape my life as He would please
The rains bring life to flowers
And reminds us how we crave the sun
Likewise through our weakness
Our wayward hearts will come undone

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