I found myself face down
In the mud
I think I did it to myself
So I wallowed
For a good while
Then the Lord spoke

“What’s there son of man?”
And lots of it

“What do you intend?”
Well, not sure it does much good
To fight
So I’ll wallow for a while
And wait

“Wait for what?”
I guess for you to fix it

“Reach down deep. Form
The thick mud. Make
A brick. Then another. 
Build what?

“An altar. 
Worship. Don’t wallow.”

“Reach deeper. 
Form the clay. Make
A plate and a cup”
For what?

I think I get it
Out of the mud
You provide a means
To worship
And remember

“Life goes on.”
Even when I put 
In the mud. 

Mud is more than
A hardship to handle
It is my creative
Raw material.”

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