The truth of your word, O God
Cuts deeply into my soul
Removing the cancerous masses
That hinder my chance to be whole
It’s the result of life’s denial
That there is any harm to come
When I live for my own good pleasure
And from holiness I choose to run
It feels good and right in the moment
When I’m living life on my terms
Until the past goes destructive
And my serendipitous life takes a turn
It can be years before I take notice
Before I know the extent of demise
From the cancerous deep dark destruction 
And my spiritual health’s compromise
But now in the quiet still morning
I seek out the treatment I need
I subject myself to your Gospel
And pray I am healed with good speed
You restore my life from this sickness
You heal me and make my heart whole
You renew my mind and my choosings
In you comes the cure for my soul

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