Too often we let fear
Sit behind the wheel
Our lives remain stalled
Stuck in park
Too much failure looms
Worries that hopes will be lost
As life slips off the road
As it hits an unseen curve
It seems better to wait
Until we know all will be well
So we never move

The road remains unknown
To those who never go
The beauty of the countryside
Remains unseen
For those who fail to travel
Surely there will be
Some heart rate thumping times
But the exhilaration of the journey
Outweighs the possible panic

Our anxiety is born of disbelief
In the One who rules the road
The One who sets the guard rails
The One who wrote physic’s rules
The only One who can defy them
The author of our faith
Is the One who enables us
To finish the race
To arrive at a new place
Of beauty beyond compare
Of peace surpassing understanding
Of joy unbounded
Of love undeserved

It all begins
By locking fear in the trunk

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