I am distracted as I listen
To your call to serve the lost
To busy with my must-do’s
To wary of the cost
My faith is stronger now
Than it was in days gone by
But there’s room for me to grow
To ask where not how or why
Yet through my machinations
Attempts to smooth the rocky road
You patiently await the time
I’ll stop my worry and just go
This call to serve your purpose
To make you known across the land
Is both glorious and daunting
To one who truly understands
I know the hope you offer
I see no other joy compares
But I see the cross you suffered
And the ridicule you bear
The student’s not above his teacher
I know to serve you takes a toll
You, O Master, bore redeeming pain
Could I ever be so bold?
That’s the prayer I offer up today
I long to step onto your path
I want others to discover life
And find escape from evil’s wrath
So give me courage, Lord, to follow
Give me ears to hear your word
Give me guidance and direction
Let me be no more deterred

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