No better world arises
Unless our hearts ignite within
No solution can succeed
Until we’re freed from guilt and sin
No evil’s stronger than our Savior
But it’s more powerful than we
His salvation we’ll require
If from rebellion we’ll break free
And once we are, the work’s not done
For neighbors captive still remain
Held tight within the deadly grip
Of self-deception’s cancerous pain
The world’s best hope is ready
To employ our hearts for their own good
But the first step toward their hope and peace
Is for us to feast on heaven’s food
So we come invited to the table
Allowing Christ to come and wash us clean
EatIng bread of heaven with waters of life
Our hearts made strong by grace unseen
Then we’ll leave the banquet setting
Free of sin but full of life
Our hearts now set on fire
And our goal to ease the strife
There is a better world to come, no doubt
That promise of Jesus Christ is clear
But even now, in a broken place
God, through us, is drawing near

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