Lord, breathe fresh life into dry brittle bones
Let new faith begin in the heart of our homes
Speak once more of the honey and milk
Lead into the future your love for us built
Call to us, Lord, to trust in your grace 
And give us the courage to step on in faith
Our eyes cannot see, our minds can’t conceive
What lies in store for those who believe
There may be a valley of shadows to pass
Or a giant to slay that stands in our path
We may be required to go to the cross
To count all we’ve gained as nothing but loss
It’s all for the sake of the future you hold
Where seas are of crystal and streets made of gold
Such is the joy Jesus saw as he died
And the joy that he knew as death was denied
So fill up our souls with your holy breath
And let us not weary when we face any test
For in Jesus Christ comes a new life and a call
To proclaim the truth of salvation for all

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