I see life scattered about
and I wonder why 
What leads some to the blight
while others seek the bright
Is order not a sign
of goodness and propriety
Of course it is for that’s me
that’s us and not them
So easy it is to judge the other
from safe distances worlds apart
Truer signs of the need for grace
we may not find
Grace reveals the weeds
in my hidden backyard
that look eerily similar to the ones
in a distant neighbors small front patch
Grace reveals the smiles of families
gathered for a celebration
one in an overcrowded kitchen
Those smiles appear to be much like the ones
in another well-appointed dining room
It is time to see that weeds grow all over
and smiles and laughter fill the air
of homes both large and small
well-maintained or barely upright
The heart of people is the common thread
that can weave a new fabric 
The reality of our soul and sin and need for grace
can lend itself to a new unity
a new possibility
a new life held in common
under a loving, holy King
Jesus came to die for all sin
so all sinners could live
and see the truth
that leads to new life

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