Seeds will be
Just what they are
No other could they be
What grows and blooms
Is what was sown
What’s planted is what we see
So why do I hope
To see something more
Than what I set in place?
What burden I put
Upon the Lord
To transform my sin by grace
Yes, says our God
My power is great
I hold sway over all that exists
The seed and the plants
Must bow to my touch
If change is that which I wish
But it may not be
That I fix every sin
That you sow in a moment that’s weak
I may let the tare
With wheat grow free
Showing false the harvest you seek
For when the day comes
And the crop is full grown
You will see what you got on your own
And there by the weeds
You will see golden wheat
That into your life I have sown
So fear not the seeds
You planted in days
When selfishly you looked ahead
For into your days
I have put seeds of hope
That become for your life holy bread

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