Will you show me where to go?
Will you call me to your side?
Will you put your wisdom in me?
Will you vanquish foolish pride?

Within me sits a seed of hope
That I might join you in your fight
To find the lost and wandering
To the darkness bringing light

But Lord, I’m often baffled
By the way you’d have me go
Is it possible you’re calling me
To a place I’ve yet to know?

This struggle to be faithful
To your call to light the way
Is the reason for my questions
As I’d like to start today

What’s that you say? I’ve now begun?
I’ve started on the way?
By seeking wisdom, truth, and light
My faith has grown this day?

Well that, O God, is news to me
That brings peace to my weary soul
To know you like my progress
Is a joy I’ll seek to hold

And yet I feel your leading hand
As you call me now to go
The greater work is yet to come
As this seed of hope you grow

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