I searched all around
To find where to start
You captured my spirit
Invaded my heart
You gave me a sense
Of life lived anew
Revealing the struggle
Often seen by so few
Economies stumble
Or flourish at times
But the world’s hope is found
In the Kingdom sublime
No man-made solution
Can bring lasting hope
Such attempts still result
In the end of one’s rope
Only a sign 
Of God’s Kingdom come
Will offer to others
The truth of the Son
For Jesus Christ came
To change from within
All hearts held imprisoned
By the nature of sin
Once one receives
This sanctified soul
The fickle world’s promise
Our hope cannot hold
So let us give to all people
A vision more grand
By revealing the Kingdom
Across all the land
Live together so deeply
In generous love
That others come running
To our Father above
It will cost a great price
Even maybe our lives
But like Jesus we know
From all graves we will rise

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