The streets run red too often
The innocent daily abused
Corrupt and powerful people
Stand ready to ignite the fuse
Cardiac arrest is the condition 
Of our sin-sick weakening world
The faint heartbeat now so erratic
As our unspoken deep fears unfold
Who can save us from certain destruction?
Who can stop the bleeding within?
Who has the power to bring us
The hope we’re so desperate to win?

The answer’s a child, by animals born
he’s the ransom that sets free our soul
A small town boy with a woodworking dad
Is the one whom the prophets foretold
Put your faith in this one who died on the cross
But was raised up to life once again
He’s alive even now on his heavenly throne
And with him a new life can begin
As odd as it seems to trust in this word
It does make a difference ’tis true
The life of a child born long ago
Will the hearts of all people renew

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