Who is our God but God alone?
A strange yet poignant cry
For many are the challengers
who for the title vie.
Around the world the powerful
crush others without thought
They deem themselves superior
in grand delusions caught
Within ourselves we’re much the same
we live as self-divine
determining what’s good or bad
ignoring grand design
And yet the One who truly is
our God and God alone
calls out to us with gracious love
from heaven’s holy throne
I am, says God, with unmatched voice
the one who made it all
The peace you seek is in my hands
if but to me you call
You work so hard to keep control
you live in doubt and fear
Stop trying to usurp my place
and to my heart draw near
I’ll give you more than you can find
in life so vainly lived
in me there is a wholeness real
a gift I freely give
I am the One true God alone
no other will compare
no outside force or inner strength
my holy crown can wear

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