Seeking to discover
the treasure held inside
some journey deeply inward
to a strangely quiet pride
Others look for meaning
with outward reaching plans
but they pursue a heartfelt endgame
not reached by helping hands
The journey to discover
the person we might be
is the path that leads to meaning
and the way that sets us free
It begins by setting course
not inward or out straight
but instead it sets a course above
looking up to Heaven’s Gate
For when we seek the Holy One
whose love brought us alive
we find in him our truest selves
and our soul begins to thrive
And then we can with power
begin to clothe and help and feed
those who live around us
to serve their deeper need
It is seeking out the One True God
that sets our hearts on fire
it is following the Son of Man
that satiates our deep desire

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