Some kill to find it.
One died to show it.
We seek to establish it.
God offers it as a gift.
Many want to protect it.
God asks us to live into it.
We fear losing it.
God saddens as we fail to grasp it.

Hope is not fragile
as we tend to believe
at least not the hope of Christ.
For His hope went to the cross
and waited patiently 
in the dark of the grave.
Then hope came out again
transformed and transfigured
more powerful then ever.
We need not kill for it
or try to manufacture it
or even protect it.
No bomb can destroy it
no gun can snuff it out
poverty cannot overwhelm it
and riches cannot replace it.
This hope is eternal
and it is ours to live into
without fear.
Even death 
will not take it from us.
This Hope
is the hope of the world.

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