In foreign lands I wander
and walk the streets around your home
I’m never pushed aside
though I’m often left alone
I long to bring the peace
for which many souls have prayed
I would gently hold each person
so they wouldn’t be afraid
My power I would offer
to those willing to engage
in the fight against the darkness
and the war it wants to wage
It is not a battle of the flesh
not a combat hand to hand
it is the deeper greater conflict
for the heart of every man
It is the challenge for all women
and the struggle of the young
and I won’t concede or quit
until the war for souls is won
I am the God who made you
who gave life to those who kill
heartbroken but unwavering
I fight to change their will
So take a holy stand with me
trusting in my love and grace
to be the overwhelming force
that brings peace in every place

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