Today is a good day
to clean the closet of my past.
It is cluttered and overflowing.
There are moments to keep,
simple joys to remember
and accomplishments to buff and shine.
There is much to get rid of as well.
Why would I hold on to these?
Guilt and shame don’t stack well –
and they leak out upon the good things,
marring fond memories
and staining bright recollections.
Yes, today they will go.
And to be certain they’re gone
I’ll pass them along to Jesus.
He knows how to bury my sins
in the dark of a sealed up tomb.
But the lessons I’ve stored away,
those I’ll keep.
I’ll even take time to look over them
now that I’m getting the past
straightened up and sorted out.
And then, I’ll try to do better
with the moments that come.
I’ll try to more quickly
give Jesus the shameful times.
I’ll examine the lessons learned
for a bit longer before I put them away.
I’ll enjoy the beauty of the joyful times
and maybe keep them in sight
rather than store them on a shelf.
It’s a good day
to clean out the closet of my past.

One thought on “Closet Cleaning

  1. Thank you for cleaning out your closet today I to need to clean the closet of my mind and heart. Jesus gave so much for me I know he will take my old feelings and anger that I have been holding on to. Thanks again for for reminding me that I can give these things to Jesus . Praise God for giving us his Son Linda W.

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