Rain-filled days
dot the landscape 
of my memory
A summer day
when the canopy of trees
held back the deluge
and softened the blow
upon the sandy, rocky porch
The open window
where the clean air
wafted in 
off the backs of raindrops
Standing on the deck
of a lumbering ship
watching the great downpour
taken in by the sea
without a thought
or worry
or even much impact
Other recollections
more harshly strike my thoughts
Rain so fast
so immense
the streets are no match
the rivers and bayous
fight to mitigate the onslaught
to no avail
Rain often seen as life-giving
has taken a turn
to the dark side
murderous and destructive
ignoring boundaries
and apathetic to the love
of family and friends
There are hills and valleys
highs and lows
covering the lanscape
of my memories 
of rain

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