O Lord God we cannot deny
that our shame is great
and our sins so many.
We have no good excuse
nor valid explanation.
We have gone our own way
and we have done what we wanted to do.
And yet, your grace you freely offer.
Your mercy rolls down as a river.
New life is your offer
in exchange for our willingness
to admit to the truth.
A broken spirit and a contrite heart
are all you ask of us,
a simple willingness to look upward
instead of looking inward
for the truth and the future.

And so we come today
to offer our broken selves,
to confess our wayward living,
to seek this amazing grace.
We come today – this BEST of days –
to receive your promise of life
and to worship you deeply
with all the life we have.
Praise to you, Lord God Almighty
Maker of heaven and earth
Giver of all grace
Redeemer of our souls.
Praise and glory to you
forever and ever. Amen.

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