Once a pristine white
the remnant in the street
is melting gray slush.
Once a living work of art
the field once bright
now withers in the heat.
Peaceful moments of escape
are buried quickly
under the mountain of daily work.
The joyful memories of wedded bliss
are shattered and scattered
by the stress of unknown futures.
Nothing seems to last.
All is lost to the ravages of time.

Yet the melting snow
feeds the dormant ground
and readies the soil
for a new masterpiece.
The quiet of a time away
gives added strength
for the moments of struggle
yet to come.
Be not afraid of what you see
for the visible is not all there is.
The unseen reality is God’s holy realm
where peace settles like a blanket
where the fruit of mercy is always in season
and where grace flows like a deep, quiet river.

Hold fast through the struggles
and be not afraid as things change.
Be ready to let the unseen within you
cast love and blessing upon the reality before you.
The Spirit of God within you is greater
than all that is around you
and all you will encounter
and every battle you may fight.
In a world that seems unsteady and uncertain
there is God – the one unchanging truth –
not seen with our eyes but felt in our soul.
And the reality of the Holy Unseen
is that time can take no toll.

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