This gift indescribable
Autonomy undeniable
We can choose by our will
We decide love or kill

But wait that’s the bad
We can hurt and get mad
What gift have you giv’n
Lord of love King of heaven?

Such harm we can cause
great evil without pause
Why would you give such a gift?
Weighty burdens who could lift?

Now we fight everyday
to be good walk your way
It’s exhausting to live free 
deciding all that would be

Yes, love we can choose
in the world joy infuse
But we’ll need something more
to give power to endure

The temptations are so strong
for us to do wrong
We need you God of grace
to keep us in our place

To help us love our neighbor
to choose freely love’s good labor
Come quickly Lord and save us
from free choices that enslaves us

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