O Lord our God,
how grateful we are
that you came looking for us.
Hidden away in our guilt,
meandering in the shadows of our shame
we feared being seen.
We dreaded the possibility
of you seeing us for what we’ve done.
But you came looking not with disappointment
or vengeance or punishment in mind.
You came looking with love
and grace and mercy.
You came offering yourself
as the sacrifice,
thereby proclaiming 
that the price of our redemption,
the cost of our sinfulness
and our selfishness and pride,
the cost of the damage we did 
to our relationship with you,
that price was paid.
You made that abundantly clear.
Now what choice do we have
but to give thanks to you
for the grace of forgiveness
and the gift of new life.
How meager it seems to come 
and sing with grateful hearts
and to pray with contrite spirits,
yet we must.
We must come together and worship you
with all that we are
and all that we have.
This is the day you have made possible.
This is the BEST day of the week
because of what you have done
to remake us and renew us.
Hear our voices as we join our hearts
in love for you.
May you, O Lord God Almighty,
be glorified above all.

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