We revel in the downfall of the others
not realizing the harm it does.
We curse our enemies 
and pray for their demise
unaware of the damage it causes.
To us.
Our hearts were not made for hate.
They cannot handle 
the burden of vengeance.
Why do you think God says,
“Love your enemy and pray for them”?
It is not so we can be superior
in our goodness.
It is not even so the power of God
can transform their hearts,
though both may be true in the end.
No, the call to love is a call to save us.
It is a call to protect our hearts
from the bruising, slashing force of hate.
Our spirit cannot survive the brutality.
The Lord says, “Vengeance is mine.”
It is not because God wants to enjoy
the moment of comeuppance,
or deny it to us.
God asks us to leave the punishment to Him
because only God is strong enough
to survive the punches 
that come from the dark side of justice.
So guard your heart and push back the hate.
Defend your spirit and pray over those
with whom you vehemently disagree.
Do not be fooled into believing
that strength comes
from exerting power over another.
Do not be deceived into thinking
that joy comes in seeing the demise of another.

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