He shouted at the darkness
longing to know why
wondering how he found himself
living such a lie
He wanted to find another
on whom to cast his blame
he was certain fault lay elsewhere
though he didn’t know their name
Then peering into the darkness
he realized it was him
within him was the culprit
he was fooled by his own sin
Yet as he peered within his soul
and owned up to his plight
he began to sense a looming peace
and he swore he saw a light
Yes, there it was, a light within 
growing brighter as he gazed
and the more he claimed his failures
the more the light’s flame blazed
And then the voice within the light
whispered back against his screams
the Lord your God can make things new
your life in him can be redeemed
For the Son of God has traveled
deep into the blackness of the soul
as he died at the hands of darkness
his light forever took its hold
So gaze into your heart and know 
that darkness has its say
but by Christ it has no power
His light will always win the day

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