We enter with our hope just barely intact
seeking answers to our struggle.
We’ve knocked on doors locked
and we’ve look far and wide
but there’s no answer for our longing.
There is within us an emptiness
needing to be filled.
So we gather together in holy spaces,
as a mysterious calm settles over us.
There is no good explanation for the peace we feel
and yet we do feel peace.
The music washes over us
and the prayers carry our hearts to the heavens.
Our spirits are lighter as the Word is proclaimed.
The weight is lifted from our shoulders.
The burdens are taken from the clutch of our hands.
We soak in Your presence, O God,
and we are better by the moment.
This is, by far, the BEST day of our week.
This is the moment we longed for.
The door to new life is wide open
and hope is found within.
Thanks be to God, now is the time.

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