Why do we curse the mud
instead of dancing in the rain?
Why is our hiding from the world
the only answer to our pain?
Look up, my friends,
there’s more than you can know.
Beyond our little world
is the Kingdom Jesus came to show.

So face the day
with strength that’s not your own.
For there within you
dwells the presence of God’s Son.
He’s a gift of grace
that comes when you believe.
He’s no reward
his love’s not something you achieve.
The blessing he pours out
paints the beauty of your days
A work of art
is what life becomes along His way

So, look up, my friends,
and cast your cares 
upon the cross of him who died.
Dance freely in the water
of life that flows from heaven’s skies.
Your life is not
what others tend to see.
Your life, if you dare,
is what Jesus Christ can make it be.

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